Submersible Pump Vs Jet Pump – 3 Tips That Will Convince You To Make The Change!

Here is some quick background info on the function of the submersible and jet pump.


The submersible pump and jet pump are both used to pump water from a well. The jet pump, either shallow or deep well, is used above ground. It uses an impeller and diffuser to vacuum out water into a pipe. If it is a shallow pump its ejector is above ground whereas the deep well ejector is submerged. The submersible pump is submerged in water near the bottom of your well. It uses existing pressure to push water to come to the surface and go into your home. Depending on the yield of your well and the needs of your water usage (household or industrial etc.) you might be faced with making a decision between jet pump or submersible pump.

My first tip involves saving time. The submersible pump saves you time … Read More

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The Importance and Benefits of Roof Boxes

Ever driven down the motorway on a Friday afternoon and seen all the cars heading out to the coast with their roof boxes fitted? Chances are you’ve probably caught yourself wondering: should I get one of those? For anyone who isn’t already sure that the answer should be “yes”, here’s a brief rundown on the importance and benefits of roof boxes – the reasons why buying one and having it fitted can save time, money and space.

The first thing any potential roof box owner needs to know is this: having a roof box can be a really cheap way of buying a new car. Given that most of us spend money on a new car because the old one isn’t capable of transporting all the people or things we need it to, fitting a box can be a seriously inexpensive way of getting that extra space without buying a … Read More

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The R134a Freon Commodity Game

Buckle up it’s auto refrigerant time again. If you are in the automotive world you know it can be 90 dollars today and 120 dollars next week. That’s why it is a commodity. Back in the day I used to sell pallets and could not believe the price freon was bringing. Car freon is wholesalers can make some money or loose their tale at the end of the year if the freon prices drop even though that rare. Wholesalers would buy tractor trailer purchases to get the best price and usually in December. I sold more refrigerant r134a during december than any other month.

For the automotive shops it’s slightly a different game. The shops would have to buy air conditioning freon in small purchases which was pretty expensive but they are also billing with a mark up to the end user or Johnny on the street. The sad part … Read More

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Auto Suggestion, The Most Important Tool for Fulfillment of Desires

We have often heard that we are what we think we are. If someone thinks, lives, behaves like an effluent person, there are strong chances that he will become on, if not already. Conversely people who crib about everything in life including their luck, fate, conditions and lifestyle, the person must be a struggling in life.

But how about using this very strong manta to our advantage. How about feeding our sub conscious mind with our desires, our wishes, our goals to tune ourselves with what we want to achieve. Napoleon Hill in his famous book Think and grow rich explains the principles of auto suggestion in a detailed manner. He puts a word of caution, simply wishing to get something, reach somewhere of earn lots of money does not work. Firstly you have to make auto suggestion with absolute faith and sincere feelings – your emotions must carry your … Read More

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Car Insurance Costs Are Cut, But It’s Not Good News for Everyone

The seemingly never-ending rise in car insurance prices could be coming to a screeching stop thanks to proposed government changes.

New proposals will see a huge U-turn on the rate at which payouts for victims of serious accidents is calculated which is known as the Ogden rate.

The Ogden rate is set to be changed as soon as next year in a bid to provide a “fairer” system.

How does the Ogden rate work?

Set by the government, the Ogden rate is the amount awarded to victims with life-changing injuries after an accident.

The rate had been set at 2.5% which meant that for every £1,000 awarded to a victim in a claim, the insurer would pay out £975 – with the other 2.5% or the Ogden rate expected to be earned by the claimant through investment interest. This would then give them the full pay out they were due.… Read More

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Things to Consider While Buying Auto Car Parts Online

Today internet is considered as one of the wonderful and exciting ways to buy and sell products. There are ample numbers of options to access that you may have never known. One industry that has witnessed a rapid change with the growth in concepts of online purchasing is automobile spare parts industry. Buying auto and car parts online had actually become a regular feature now for every auto owners. Buying any car part or truck part through online not only helps you in saving your time but even provides you with option to evaluate the specifications and cost of different manufacturers. On other hand, with the conventional auto spare part dealers, chances are more when you would be forced to decide only from the particular brands that they had stored.

Buying auto parts or truck parts online is definitely a great way to overcome purchasing problems. Today with the right … Read More

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Camping Shop for Family Camping Tents

There are many reasons to take the family on a camping trip. Quality time, memories that become part of family lore, tenting can be done at a beach, desert, mountains and woods or even the backyard. The cost of camping sites compared to the cost of hotel rooms is a real bargain deal. Another reason to begin camping is health and relaxation. Un-loading the car, setting up the campsite, finding your own firewood and taking down your campsite will give you more exercise than you would ever imagine. As for relaxation, when the chores are done and you are relaxing around the campfire with your family the quietness around you bring peace and tranquility to you.

When purchasing a tent for family camping I have included some information that should be taken into consideration:

When choosing a tent there are several things to consider. If there are small children in … Read More

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Identifying Early Royal Doulton Ladies Figurines HN1-100 1913-1938

Royal Doulton Pretty Ladies HN1-100

This was Royal Doulton’s first line of figurines and was sometimes also referred to as the ‘Fair Ladies’. Where possible, I have listed the name of the figurine, the model number, the designers name and the production year. Please bare in mind that these pretty ladies are some of the rarest, hard to find royal doulton ladies you will ever come across and if you are lucky enough to actually find one of these models in an auction or jumble sale somewhere, then by gosh you should bid/buy/haggle do whatever it takes to get hold of it because these extremely rare collectable royal doulton figurines do not come up very often!

The other option for finding these rare ceramic figurines is of course, auction house but many of these hard to find, royal doulton figurines will not be available at auctions because they are indeed … Read More

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To Sell Is Human by Daniel H Pink – Book Review – The New ABCs of Selling-C Is for Clarity

On December 31, 2012, Daniel H. Pink released his new book, “To Sell Is Human-The Surprising Truth About Moving Others.” Pink is the bestselling author of “Drive,” and “A Whole New Mind.”

Pink’s new message declares that regardless of our career, today, we’re all in sales. Traditional selling involves convincing customers and prospects to make a purchase. “Non-sales selling” is Pink’s term for convincing, persuading, and influencing others to give up something they’ve got in exchange for what we’ve got. The concept applies to everybody, as parents cajole children, lawyers sell juries on a verdict and teachers sell students on the value of paying attention in class, to name a few.

To succeed in both traditional selling and non-sales selling requires a new mindset based on the revised ABCs of selling. Previously, the ABCs meant, “always be closing.” Now the ABCs embody attunement, buoyancy, and clarity. The following article highlights … Read More

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Website for Regular Business

It was February 1995, sales budget time in my previous employment. The president of my former employer asked his financial advisor if it was a good idea that all employees would have their own PC. One week later, his advisor came to see the president. The advisor recommended to the president that providing 1 PC to every 2 employee is the most appropriate. The president was not happy about his proposal. He told advisor that we call the device PERSONAL computer, because each PERSON has his own. 1 month later, the company decided to give 1 PC to each employee. This president had his vision how people would work in next 5 – 10 years.

PC was a gadget of technology people 15 years ago. Ordinary people did not use it if not forced to use it for business requirement. Internet and Websites were for computer geeks who were in … Read More

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