24′ X 36′ Carport Plans – For Simple and Effective Protection

Having two or more cars is common in a lot of homes nowadays, but if you park them on the driveway, your cars are not getting enough protection from the elements. If you want to construct an inexpensive shelter for your cars yourself, then 24’X36′ carport plans are your best bet.

A carport is usually a roofed wall-less shed, sometimes projecting from the side of a building, used as a shelter for cars, as against a garage which has walls and hence considered a permanent structure.

24’X36′ is a fairly popular size, especially if you have two cars, and protects them from wind, sun, rain and snow. It is not only a convenience for your family, a well built carport with the help of good plans will also considerably increase the value of your property.

It is best to build your 24’X36′ shelter in a dry, firm area. However, if the area is wet and soggy, it requires good drainage and pressure treated wood so that there are lesser chances for rot. Your primary posts also require to be braced, if there is a chance that they may shift over time due to the soggy soil conditions. If you live in a place with lot of rain or snow, your roof should be built with sufficient pitch to allow the snow or rain to drain. Also, if there is lot of snow in your area, the roof should be sloped enough for the snow to fall off, and not accumulate on the roof and cause the roof to fall with the weight. Good plans would be able to provide you with proper guidance regarding these.

Your 24’X36′ shelter should have half of the sides open so that it will not be classified as a garage. If your structure has an internal floor area more than 30 sq. ft., you would require a permit. You would have to contact the local authority or Building Control to inquire about the fees to be paid along with the application for the permit with your 24’X36′ plans. You would also do well to inform your neighbor about your plans as well as check local weather conditions to build a suitable structure.

Besides parking your cars, your 24’X36′ shelter can also be used as a place for reading or lounging. By following suitable plans, you can even design your carport to accommodate barbecues and garden parties in them. You can even manage enough space inside to park your lawn mower and other heavy equipment or a tool room. This is much like a garage, at a fraction of the cost.

Though steel buildings are cheap, they rarely match your front door, and hence it is best to build your 24’X36′ carport with wood. With the help of good plans, this is a fairly easy task.

Good plans would be able to help you in the selection of appropriate materials for your 24’X36′ carport. As for the colours used, they should match with your house. If you feel that your carport is looking too drab, you may utilize flowers and flags to beautify it. If the structural beams are jutting out like a sore thumb, you may use trims or facing boards to hide them and make your carport look better.

You would indeed be glad with the 24’X36′ carport you built with the help of plans prepared by experts. It would not only protect your cars from the elements, it is also much more economical than a garage. Moreover, you built it yourself!