3 Minute Auctions

A favourite past time for many people over the years has been bargain hunting. Getting something of value for less than the market price is always a great feeling, and in today’s modern age, there is no need to hunt through thrift stores or stand in cold auction rooms to find what you are looking for.

Internet auctions are now not a new thing. With the coming of eBay there was a huge shift in the way ‘normal’ people could find a bargain. All it takes is a few clicks to search out the item you want to buy, and you are ready to bid! There is no special training required, so novices and professionals are on the same footing. There are also now auction sites dedicated to specific products like jewellery, clothes, cars, and, well anything else you can think of really.

Generally, the time limit set on the bidding process is set to a few days, which allows potential bidders to be able to search out products. In a new twist to auction sites, there is now the option of a quick fire bidding system known as a 3 minute auction.

As the name suggests, a 3 minute auction is over in a flash, and the sites that offer this service are creating a real sense of excitement and urgency by ensuring the bidding is fast and furious. For the bidders it does open up the doors to the possibility of rock bottom prices if the bids are few and far between.

It is crucial to read the terms and conditions of these sites to ensure that you are able to stick within your budgets, but once you are comfortable with the concept you should be able to pick up some great bargains.