4E Corp & Ethos For the Earth – A Candid MLM Review

4E Corp and Ethos seem like they are brand new, but they have been around since 2006. Based out of California, 4E Corp. offers a MLM opportunity with Ethos Fr as the signature product. While any product that claims to improve gas mileage AND improve emissions is sure to get attention, Ethos Fr is not exactly a “slam dunk”when it comes to MLM opportunities.

Popeye Ate His Spinach- Do Our Vehicles Get The Same Oomph From Ethos Fr?

Ethos Fr is labeled a fuel reformulator, as opposed to being called a fuel additive. It received endorsements from the NASCAR circuit, where it has been added to the fuel of race cars for several years. In fact, NASCAR stands solidly behind the Ethos Fr business opportunity. This is no small backing, as NASCAR is still the most watched sport in the world!

The performance claims regarding Ethos are, at best, mixed. 4E corp. claims that the product reduces harmful emissions by 30%, and increases gas mileage by 7%-19%. Customer testimonials do not uniformly support those claims. Many customers have seen no improvement in gas mileage at all, while others cite improvements that are similar to the company’s claims.

The problem is that so many factors weigh in to gas mileage, that it has been difficult to get consistent results in testing. Factors such as individual driving habits, weather conditions,vehicle maintenance, road conditions etc.,ALL can influence mileage.

Another Binary Compensation Plan- Why You Need Two Legs To Stand On

4E corp.offers a pretty traditional binary compensation plan. With a binary plan, the first two personally sponsored distributors form the left and right “legs” of the downline. It is critical to build each side evenly, as commissions are based on the weaker of the two legs. So, if one of your “legs” is a real ‘go getter”, and the other “leg” is a slouch, it is difficult to make any money

In conclusion, Ethos Fr seems like the right product at the right time. The reformulator is not inexpensive, and if people do not see improvement in gas mileage, it is unlikely they will continue to buy it. This attrition will occur regardless of how much it cleans up emissions. The compensation plan is structured such that MANY distributors have to be sponsored before any residual money is to be made.

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