9 Interesting Ways to Enjoy Books More Thoroughly

I was born a book lover. I wanted so badly to read at age 4 that I would rip them to pieces out of frustration. I remember my trips to Friends Bookstore where I would spend pocket change for Choose your Adventures and Nancy Drew. I remember my trips to the local library to check out language learning and craft making books. I smile a mile wide remembering the Scholastic book fair catalog my school sent home, full of the thoughtfully selected Newbery Award Winners and books that came with Stickers.

I was and still am a sponge for knowledge and adventure and I’ve never found a more conducive way to learn and exercise my imagination. Books unlock entire worlds for people who otherwise don’t have the means. How powerful is that? If that alone is not enough motivation to get you reading regularly, I am sharing my fun reading habits with you.

1. Start a collection

An exciting way to interact with your books other than reading them is to hunt them! I currently enjoy collecting books written in the 1800s and books signed by their authors. I shop for them at thrift stores, the Dollar Tree and I buy books written by people I meet. I read them and then visit them to get my copy signed.

2. Have a coffee and read at Barnes & Noble

This is like the Scholastic book fair for adults. Their book selection is thoughtful and so are their customers. You could meet someone special! In fact you are likely to meet someone interesting if you can find opportunity to open dialogue.

3. Spend your credit card reward points or cash back on books

Treat yourself to a good one! What better way to spend these minuscule rewards for carrying debt?

4. Read the book before you watch the movie

You’ve heard this one before! I haven’t done this intentionally, but have accidentally. I’ll jump on the next bandwagon.

5. Dog ear, highlight and make notes in the margins

Get even more incredible use and value from these books by using them to their fullest. I once knew a man whose mom passed and his favorite thing of hers was her books. He told me “she touched and read these pages, I wonder what thoughts she had in comparison to mine”. He’d know if she made notes and highlighted passages that were significant to her!

6. Gift books to others

Next time you need to purchase a gift for someone make it a thoughtful gift. Even non-readers can appreciate an easy-read, a comedy or a coffee table book.

7. Spread the love

I have a main library, a mini library in my bathroom and I keep one in my car for times I have to wait (like during an oil change). I don’t force myself to finish a book I start and I can read up to 3-4 books at once.

8. Enhance your reading experience

Form a ritual. Maybe you read at the same time daily, light a candle or start an essential oil diffuser, have a favorite beverage, etc.

9. Get creative with bookmarks

You can start a collection of beautiful store-bought bookmarks, make your own or repurpose your birthday cards or concert tickets.