Auto Auction Secrets

You may be aware that, all over the country, auto auctions are in full swing at all times. What you may not be aware of is that you can easily find incredible bargains at these auctions that will enable you to purchase a vehicle very inexpensively and possibly even resell it for a profit.

The two leading sources of these auto auctions are banks and the government. In the case of the government, you can be dealing with the federal, state or local level. Banks auction repossessed vehicles, frequently for pennies on the dollar. They are not in the vehicle business and want to turn these unwanted possessions into cash as quickly as possible.

Usually, banks will auction vehicles for what is owed to them on the loan that they initially issued. In some cases, there could be very little left on the loan, and you could be in line for a significant bargain.

In the government’s case, whether you’re dealing with federal, state or local authorities, there is a different imperative involved. The government never issued a loan on the vehicles they auction, so getting their money back is not foremost in their minds. Most vehicles auctioned by governments have been seized, along with other possessions, from individuals who have been involved in illegal activity. As a result, since there is no target amount to derive from the auctions, vehicles can and do get sold for very little money.

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Governments also auction their own fleet vehicles that have outlived their usefulness. Usually those vehicles will be relatively high mileage, but don’t let that scare you off. Government vehicles are, for the most part, very well maintained, so the risk involved in buying a used car with high mileage is minimized.

There are some disadvantages to purchasing a vehicle at an auction. First, you don’t have a chance to test drive the vehicle. Second, you’ll usually have to pay cash on the spot, with no financing being offered. Third, no warranties are issued, so it pays to study the vehicles and to know your stuff. But as in anything else involving a purchase, if you prepare carefully and do your homework, as well as using common sense, you can find a great bargain.

If you adopt a careful approach and go in with our eyes wide open, you can win at the auto auction game. With the price of cars steadily rising, this may well be your best option for saving lots of money and getting a good vehicle as well.

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