Beautiful Bonavita Cribs

Bonavita cribs are well made, beautifully crafted with a leaning towards traditional designs. They are made in Italy using only solid wood and veneers with a large selection of styles and finishes to match the decor of most nurseries.

Bonavita is a subsidiary of LaJobi Industries, which also makes Baby Italia cribs. Baby Italia are sold exclusively through Babies R Us whereas Bonavita are sold through authorized retailers both in stores and online. The Bonavita crib is generally more expensive and of better quality than Baby Italia.

The Bonavita collection consists of both 3-in-1 and lifestyle cribs with many models available in either. The 3-in1 from Bonavita converts from crib to day bed; the lifestyle crib converts from crib, to day bed through to full size bed complete with headboard and footboard.

All of the Bonavita 3-in-1 models come with curved headboard and footboards – apart from the Bonavita Peyton crib which is the plainest in design out of all the collections. The company does make very traditional looking cribs that include a lot of fancy detailing. The plainest, in terms of styling is the Hudson; it comes with plain slats on all four side, a storage drawer and castors. As its name suggests, the Heritage is the most ornate of the Bonavita cribs. Both the headboard and footboard come with intricate carving and all four sides are fitted with spindles. There are no castors with this model.

The Bonavita Peyton crib stands out from the other designs because both the headboard and footboard have a straight top. The slats are plain and are fitted on all four sides. There is a gentle curved board at the bottom and you also get a storage drawer. The Peyton comes two finishes, Classic White and Chestnut – the Chestnut is a beautiful rich color.

The other type of convertible crib from Bonavita is the lifestyle series. Again there are numerous models to choose from like the Cabana, Chadwick, Sheffield, Heritage and Peyton. The Bonavita Cabana crib is a beautifully designed and crafted piece of furniture that draws inspiration from the Caribbean. The panel on the footboard has elegant carving and the fluted legs give it an older look. The pear-shaped feet add to an overall feeling of old-fashioned craftsmanship. It’s available in Antique White but you really should opt for the Montego Brown finish. Its dimensions are 33.5″w x 58.5″l x 47″h. This is a truly eye-catching crib from Bonavita with a classic and timeless quality to it.

Another model worth taking a closer look at is the newly arrived Nikki. This is a very traditional and heavy looking convertible crib. It’s available in unusual finishes of both Butterscotch and Blackberry. The checker board effect on the headboard is a lovely touch.

Bonavita cribs really are quality pieces of furniture that are made to last. The materials used and the quality of manufacture make them heirloom quality. Your children should get many years of use out of a Bonavita crib, and so too should their children.