Blending With Aloha Spirit

I arrived in Honolulu after 12 hours flight and a stop of 12 hours in Seoul where I was a temporary guest at the Hyatt Regency in the outskirts of Seoul; had a Korean ‘Nouvelle Cuisine’ Lounge style buffet lunch in a rather minimalist environment surrounded by glass and icy cold breeze where the steam of hot noodle soups looked like warmth from heaven. The arrival at Honolulu airport was quite different and the connection with the Pacific Ocean breeze immediately captured my attention, as did the Polynesian smiles and the rhythm of life. After the encounter with the engineer who build houses on the Moon and Mars I quickly realized I was going to be away from pollution, far away from the closest mainland, away from duality: the Islands of Hawaii are a bounty-full experience of beauty, oneness with the Universe codes of respect for nature, the unseen, the underwater realms connection with the forces of the sky.

The island of Maui is where I was heading to for – as short as 7 days only – and where I was going to drive a convertible car. Planning for a standard economy car can indeed bring good surprises as this is Maui and people are just friendly and for the same fee here I was in a convertible. Kahului, the small harbor on the Pacific Ocean is nothing but a hub with an airport. Nothing else except for large department stores and a few hotels on black sand beaches. Route #36 stretches from Kahului to Hana the south eastern tip of the Island. I described the road in another note. Hana is a hamlet of a few houses, a school, a church, two General Stores built in old wood, a hotel, a community center and plenty of fields. Hana is a remote hamlet on a remote side of a southern island of the Hawaii group of islands. Hana lives by the rhythm of the Polynesian lifestyle, cool, laid back, smiling, everyone waiving at each other, by the beach, with cooler boxes to enjoy the day. Hana is beautiful: simple, surrounded by luscious vegetation, energetic Pacific Ocean, humpback whales playing in the waves, birds, horses and deep black horses. Driving along the coastline on the ocean front road is a very pleasant reconnection with simple beauties of Earth: sunshine, marine life, vegetation, and an absolute perfect weather. At night, the Milky Way pours in the sky with its dusty white clouds of galaxies and makes you wonder how close to Oneness with Universe humans can get.

I walked five miles to breathe the air and blend with the environment. On my way back, three men are standing on the grass opposite the church. They are holding card boards: Give us your prayers. Drop them in the box. Although we waived at each other and exchanged the ritual “Aloha” to mean ‘Love” I walked back and decided I was going to give these men a Universal prayer item. Their pick up had a sticker ” On a Mission” and as I felt on a mission too, I used the paper and pen available to write down a few words to send prayers to the Universe, drop the paper in the box and crossed the street to hold hands and pray with John, John and Ekua. Their smiles will remain in my mind’ eyes for long time, their sincerity was genuine. That evening they were going to have a men prayer session at the church and all our prayers will be sent to the Universe. I looked at the sky and smiled. How many of these prayers did you receive Demigod Maui!

Café Attitude is roughly located in the Kipahulu area, close to the sea on a slope somewhere near Seven Sacred Pools. Some call the Café an ‘ Organic Hippies’ Café / Restaurant” Opened only on Sunday when vegetarian dishes are offered in a rather laid back setting. In my 2 hours visit there, I ate Thai papaya salad on banana leaves, drank kumbochi ( fermented mushroom ), talked to young and older people happy to be on earth, and was entertained by an opera singer, a native singer, and a folk song writer, when we left, the Milky Way greeted us on our way back to the pick-up!

The day of my departure arrived and my decision to drive along the slope of the Halaekala dormant volcano was as good as the decision to come to Hana to attend the Reiki retreat and Karuna Certification. Rather than going back the same way I came – something I hardly do in my life – I decided to drive along the lava fields and through the central road. Hardly anyone does that as [few people actually like to go out of the beaten tracks] and I was glad to be welcomed by an empty road winding on cliffs along a beautiful and powerful pacific ocean. People say Maui Island is still young, and the lava field still can give birth to large amount of vegetation. I found it beautiful just as it is and with a peculiar energy: a strong magnetism of closeness between the sea and the sky. I hardly have experienced such a connection on a mundane reality. Mountains by the sea, volcanoes by the sea, fire and water dancing together with the gods of the sky: a unique blending.

As I stopped by the Tedeschi Winery and Ulupakuala Ranch Store I knew I had reached the end of the lonely road under the sun and the convertible was covered with reddish dust. I ignored the heavy wine tasting and only had tiny sip of Raspberry Wine, preferring to head to Makawao, a small village I was told which is a concentration of new age shops.

As I stopped n Makawao and was intuitively directed to the only shop displaying several beautiful Selenite crystals, I realized my trip to the “end of the island’s world” had come to an end, at least temporarily.

As I walked through the Maui Beach Hotel at 5.45 this morning, Scotty the hotel -airport shuttle driver waived at me: Hey Isabella Aloha, you flying away already?!” How was your trip? Good, you enjoyed it. Aloha. Come back soon, Mahalo”

And here I was driving back to the rental company and checking-in to Honolulu, Seoul and Bangkok.

All happens with a smile, a gentle turn of the body, a good vibes and a sea breeze which has accompanied me since I landed in Honolulu. The far too short trip to Maui was a recollection of earlier footsteps in the Southern Pacific. The wooden houses, the laid back friendly attitude, the respect for nature, the closeness with the immensity of the Pacific Ocean, the marine life, the women and men, the children, and churches.

As my wishes are floating in the sky under the control of Maui’s will, I know I stretched some limits in my connection to the Universe. I lived the presence. Here and now. And got a message from it.

It all started with an encounter of a man building house on the moon, it ended up with prayers to Universe. Let the Earth wishes be heard and let Polynesia’s wisdom spread the message of unconditional love to the waves of Lemurio!

Aloha Mahalo, Definitely a place to come back and blend!

How on Earth would one want to leave such a place?

Aloha and Mahalo