Car Video Back Up and Automotive Visual Systems Considered

Perhaps you have not been following the new automotive technologies out there these days? We all have seen the back up cameras on large recreational vehicles to assist the driver right? Well now you can get such systems on many high-end luxury cars and SUVs. The car video back up systems are a pretty cool option indeed.

But now some automotive manufacturers are taking this concept to a whole new level. Lexus for instance now has a self-parking video system, so you can set it and allow the car to park itself while you watch on the video to make sure it does it correctly you see? Now some day these kinds of electronic video features will be on all cars and eventually all cars should be able to park themselves.

Imagine this new Lexus car feature on your current car? You drive up set the system and it will parallel park your car all by its self and then you can put on the final touches if it is not totally perfect and it will tell you; This is good. Boy I’ll say give me one of those! Want to learn more about this; here is a link;

You will be seeing much more of these car video and self parking systems in the future and this is only the start. As the number of units that are made go up the prices will come down until some day they will be standard on every car. So, consider this in 2006.