Creative Marketing Ideas For Menswear Stores

Menswear is an interesting industry because you’re marketing to two distinctly different markets: men, and women. You have to attract the men who want to shop for their own clothing, but you also have to reach the women who shop for their husband, father, son etc. Since your market is so varied, it’s important to use a variety of promotional methods to reach all of them. Here are some great options:

  1. Wedding Specials-Whether you have actual tuxedo rental or you just sell them (along with suits), you should have some sort of deal for wedding parties. Many grooms and groomsmen nowadays are choosing to purchase a suit or tuxedo anyway, as they can use it for friends’ weddings and other formal events. Many stores offer a special that the groom’s tux is free when the rest of the party rents or buys, and this is a great promotion, but other valuable promotions would be a percentage off for the total party, free accessories with suit or tux rental, or even a VISA gift card to use for the bachelor party. Promote your wedding special using posters near your tuxedo area.
  2. Father’s Day Sale-Father’s Day (or at least the days leading up to it) is Black Friday for menswear stores. Customers everywhere are looking for the perfect gift for Dad, so make sure you’re showing them what you have to offer! Create a promotion, be it just a great sale or even something more-unique like free gift wrapping or a gift with purchase. Hang a banner in-front of your store letting customers know that you’re the place to shop for Father’s Day.
  3. Business Discount Program-This is a unique idea that reaches out to the business professional market, of which many are your clients. Contact HR departments at businesses in your area, and set up an agreement with them to offer a set discount in exchange for business referrals. When employees come to your stores, they can use their business card or employee ID to receive the special discount.
  4. Free Tailoring/Dry Cleaning Service-If you have the capability, offer free tailoring on new purchases or even a one-time free dry cleaning. This makes your store more of a one-stop shop for customers, and they’re more-likely to continue shopping with you. The more customers are in your store, the more they’ll buy! If you can’t afford to offer these services free, at least offer them at all so that you keep the business in-house. Hire a part-time tailor, or at least a courier who can drop off and pick up merchandise from the tailor and dry cleaner.
  5. Loaning to Public Figures-Customers need to see your merchandise out-and-about, so sometimes you have to hand-deliver it to them! Look for opportunities to loan your clothing and other merchandise to visible public figures. This can be for news anchors, political candidates, beauty pageant escorts, etc. Even smaller venues like school homecoming courts and prom royalty candidates will gain exposure for your business.