Do’s and Don’ts Regarding Vinyl Banners for Your Business Advertising

When you drive or walk down the street, don’t you pay attention to the large vinyl banners hanging in front of business and other store fronts? Chances are you see them and remember them, simply because they are so eye-catching. These outdoor signs can be quite effective advertising tools whether you have taken over management of an existing business or you are a new business owner. However, there are some simple do’s and don’t in regards to how you utilise outdoor signage.

The Do’s

It is important, if at all possible, to use your logo or trademark on your banner so that you establish and boost brand awareness for your business. When possible, choose eye-catching graphics and colours as these are more likely to draw the eye. If your vinyl banners are seasonal, you could choose colour and artwork that relate to that particular time of year. This idea is especially helpful if you are advertising specials that are only good for that specific season of the year, such as the Christmas holidays.

Incorporate actions into your banner ads outdoors when possible. By indicating an action on your sign, you subconsciously spur potential customers into action so they will come into your store. It is important that you have several outdoor banners created so that you can rotate them occasionally. If you use the same banner often, it tends to blend into the landscape eventually and people will overlook them.

The Don’ts

Do not leave the same sign up for extended periods of time as it will eventually show wear and tear. Instead, it is important to take down your signage periodically and present a sign-free storefront so that when you eventually put up another banner, people will be more inclined to notice a change.

Do not make your banner very general or non-specific. By doing so, you are unintentionally presenting more questions in potential customer’s minds which can be a turn-off. You also do not want to choose graphics or fonts that are not easy to decipher or see. If a customer cannot interpret what is on your sign easily, they are not going to patronise your business.

Attracting local customers for your business is best through outdoor signage like banners. These signs are very effective tools in grabbing customer attention, if you do it right. By following some helpful hints about vinyl banners, you could be well on your way to establishing a major presence in your community.