Finding Motivated Sellers the Smart Way!

Hey Fellow Investors,

I know the most important part of our business is finding motivated sellers in order to have a thriving real estate investing career. The key is to maximize your exposure with the least cost to drive motivated sellers to you! So how do I do that? I won’t give you a theory of ideas that may bring in motivated sellers but I’ll give you real life strategies of what I do to drive motivated sellers to call me first and most times only!

I believe in targeted marketing and in order to get your phone ringing of the hook with real motivated sellers, you must target those people. A motivated seller will likely either be forced into selling by an unfortunate economic situation or a decision to simply move on to something else. Of course the most motivated sellers will be forced into a situation to sell but you must distinguish what forces are stronger than others.

The strongest motivation will be some type of loss in income which destroys the balancing of their finances or an unexpected gain in financial obligations. I have found that the most motivated sellers have either lost a job or inherited a property. Ok, now that we know the highest targets, how do we find them?

The most economical way to find these sellers is through an auto dialer. I do a simple search online for businesses opening or closing in the country through online newspapers and I use an Auto Dialer to reach the employees of the businesses directly!! You must check with your local states but most do not call lists only apply to private residences, not businesses. Guess who picks up the phones in the businesses? Yelp, the Employees…

This is a simple technique I have been using for over 4 years and it was responsible for my 1st deal! not all auto dialers are the same and I have tried several over the past years including the machine that I purchased and ran from my home to the virtual ones operated remotely. They are extremely easy to set up and you can start blasting your one time recorded message immediately!! I have personally recorded my message and used my Auto Dialer to make hundreds of contacts every day. A good tip is to provide a short snapshot of the benefits of selling a property to you so they will want to get detailed information. For example, my message indicates that I buy extremely quickly, I can close without seeing the property, and I’m not looking to steal their house. This encourages the seller to want to do business with me and it results in me getting numerous leads every time I send out an auto dialer blast. These leads are motivated sellers and they responded instantly to a message directing them to sell me their property. Having fresh daily leads of motivated sellers is essential to your growing real estate business.

To separate yourself from everyone else who claims to be a wholesaler, I believe you have to think beyond the same “we buy houses” signs. You have to monitor the best ways to reach the highest converting motivated sellers. Not only is this strategy extremely effective but it’s one of the most cost effective ways…period. If you want automation, you must include an Auto Dialer in your marketing. Think about it, how many of us already incorporate Auto Responders in our business so we can reach people automatically through email? Why not have that same coverage on the phone lines? Then think how many people don’t have auto dialers in their marketing strategy and how this will make you stand out? This is finding motivated sellers the smart way. The next post will be dealing with the other highest converting motivated sellers; sellers that inherited property. This one is huge! Take care and happy investing!

Ebony Thompson

DR&R Business Management, Inc.

Premier Properties Group, LLC