Government Auction – The Best Place to Buy Good Quality Car at Unbelievable Discount

People buy cars, don’t they? Some go for brand new ones, those who can afford that is. Others seek used cars that come cheaper. But cheaper should not be the only consideration, never.

If I opt to buy a used car, what will I look for? Cheaper surely, but the car must be in good running condition, must not be battered, must not be of a too old make (I am not in for vintage car rally after all), engine condition must be good, what the use of buying a cheap car on which immediately after you have to incur heavy expenditure?

Believe me when I say all this conditions will be met and the price will be much cheaper than you think if you go for buying a used car in a car auction site. You may even end up buying an almost new car at a 95% discount on its’ original price. But how is that possible?

Well, every month, different government agencies seize thousand of vehicles for different reasons. A big chunk of citizens defaults in different kind of payments; may be of car loans or insurance or other types of debt. Government agencies seize such cars. Such seized vehicles are auctioned by the government immediately to cover loss and also to minimize the maintenance expenses. Vehicles of people engaged in criminal activities, drug trafficking etc. are also seized and sold on auction quickly.

And the most intriguing part of this kind of auction is that vehicles are more or less new, in very good working condition with good engines, of various makes and models and these are sold on auction at an astounding rebated price. Due to certain law, such vehicles are sold at up to 95% off of their actual value. In fact many auctions start at as low as $ 100.

In essence, car auction sites are simply the best opportunity for the buyers. Those who want to buy used car get here the car or vehicle of their dream at far less price than the original one. And even those who do not generally buy used cars? Well, is it not sensible to buy a good quality used car at 95% rebated price than buying a new one at the original price?