Government Seized Car Auction – Drive Home Used Cars Dirt Cheap!

Unless you are hibernating or watching too much football for the past years, you must have heard of government seized car selling dirt cheap. Everyday, for so many years now, government agencies have been selling seized cars to the highest bidder. (This is not only limited to surplus and repossessed cars. There are also boats, aircraft, electronic devices, office equipment, furniture, heavy machineries, and foreclosed or seized lots and houses.)

How is it possible?

It may sound to you that the government is so desperate to sell these seized cars but the truth is, seized vehicles occupy a lot of space, which in turn is equivalent to money spend on storage. So, the government agencies willfully sell these vehicles to anyone who is willing to pay for them through auction. Another reason is that the money generated from these government seized car auctions are extra income which will go back to public services.

How come I do not know this?

Government seized cars are not so commonly know to the public for obvious reasons. Government agencies will not spend on advertising these auctions. So very few people know which agencies have auctions unless the person is well informed.

Where are government seized car auctions held?

Government seized car auctions are held all across the country. There might be one near you. But no, it is not advisable to head to your local county or government building and ask about it. They will not likely give you such information. What you should do is to know where exactly to go. Here are some of the government agencies that hold seized car auctions:

– Federal law enforcement agency

– Local Police agency

– County Sheriff department

– Internal Revenue Service

– General Service Administration

– Small Business Administration

– State tax department

– U.S. Bankruptcy Court

– U.S. Customs

– U.S. Postal Service

– U.S. Marshall

Government seized car auctions are also available online. Most of these sites require a membership fee between $20 and $60 for you to be able to access the list of seized cars on sale. The main advantage of this is that you can conveniently bid for a car that is located thousands of miles from you. And since not so many people know about these plus the fact that the government wants to dispose these immediately, you can easily win any car you want at a very low price.