How to Create Effective Flyers For Auto Detailing Business

It may not be a new concept but flyer marketing still remains to be one of the most important tools in advertising a business. In fact, many business entities are still using it in their marketing efforts. Your auto detailing business can benefit from flyer printing because they are cheap and easy to distribute. These prints also enable you to include enough information about your enterprise and the services it offers. However, you need to create prints that are of high quality and eye-catching. They should also provide useful information. Your prints should be creative and interesting enough for people to read.

Tips in Creating Flyers for Auto Detailers

o Motivate your readers and get them to act. You have to make sure that after people read your prints, they will act with sense of urgency. Include offers in your flyer prints that will get people to do something about it immediately. You can use various offers like discounts or giving out free items. For example, your prints can have a tear-off portion that your customers can use to redeem free car cleaning kit. Make sure to include a deadline for claiming the free items. You can also offer like “20% discount on engine detailing for every scratch removal job. Just present this flyer!”

o Hook your customers the right way. Including offers in your prints are good for attracting customers. But you need to use the correct offer to hook people into reading and keeping the prints. You need to think the way an auto detailing customer do. Is 20% discount on overall auto detailing enough? Will people be happy receiving cleaning kits? Using correct flyer format is also necessary. Including tear-off portion as discount coupons will be great than having them to bring back the whole print. People may want to keep the rest of your flyers if there are valuable information on them.

o Solve the problems of the customers. Your prints should include information that can solve your customers’ auto problems. Simple car care tips that can save them from frequent trips to repair shops are great. Let them know that you’ve got the solution they need for their auto detailing problems.

o Get them to hold on to your prints. One way to make people hold on to your prints is giving valuable information. Tell your customers what they should know about car finish and how they can protect expensive paint finish from getting chipped. Include tips on how to choose car covers that can protect their vehicles from the bad effects of UV rays. These will be reason enough for people to keep your prints for reference. You also have to make sure that your prints are of high quality and have interesting designs.

o Make sure that you can deliver on any promise you include in the copy. Never exaggerate on whatever promise you include in your prints. If your copy says that you can finish a whole body auto detailing in a day, then make sure that you really can. Otherwise, people will think that you are just scheming and will not believe any word on your promotional materials again.

Flyers remain as one of the most effective and inexpensive way to promote a business. However, you need to carefully plan the design and content of your prints. Use the tips above as your guide in creating flyers for your auto detailing business.