Looking For a Cheap Car? Consider Restoring a Willys

We live in an automotive society and it’s hard to get around without a car. Unfortunately even a used car can be out of some people’s price range. Cars old enough to be cheap are also old enough to have crippling mechanical problems.

So what is the budget-minded car buyer to do?

Buy A Willys Jeep

One option for the thrifty car buyer who’s willing to put in a little sweat and effort to save thousands of dollars is to look for a Willys jeep like the CJ2A. Do you think you don’t know what a Willys is? I’m sure you’ve seen one.

Willys is the maker of the classic Army jeep seen so often in movies about World War II or Korea. The CJ2A is a Civilian Jeep, hence the CJ part of the designation. After World War II, Willys designed a civilian version of their Army jeep which was fairly popular at the time.

You may think parts for a 60-year-old car would be hard to find but in fact CJ2A parts are still available. There is a large group of dedicated Willys fans driving a demand for everything from Willys Jeep wiring harnesses to Willys Jeep body parts.

Willys Jeeps Run Forever

The great thing about owning a Willys is they were designed to be simple to maintain and to run in some of the worst conditions in the world. That’s why a 60 year old Willys runs better than some 10 year old junker you might pick up.

However if you find one for sale, it’s probably going to need work. With a little effort and a supply of CJ2A parts you can turn that old heap into a reliable and steady performer. It’s not going to be a racecar, top speed is about 45 mph, but it will get you where you are going.

If you do any offroading, a vehicle like the CJ2A is a great choice. They are reliable and rugged and can take any punishment you can give them. Low gear is really low and they can climb obstacles that would stop modern SUVs.

Think Of It As Sweat Equity

Although you won’t have to spend a lot of money on the purchase and CJ2A parts, that doesn’t mean the jeep won’t cost you. You may have to spend time just to get it running and it’s going to need a certain amount of attention. Willys owners generally service their own vehicles since the average auto mechanic can be puzzled by the WWII technology.

Although CJ2A parts are more common than those for your average vehicle from 1945, you may occasionally come across a part you can’t find. Patience and commitment will get you what you need and you’ll be on the road in no time.

Willys owners see their vehicles as labors of love. They are lifetime projects, bringing the pride of restoring and driving a vintage vehicle.