Mercedes Performance Upgrade

Mercedes Benz parts and accessories are what make up your classic Mercedes Benz car when assembled together in a systematic and mechanical procedure. The parts and accessories can be categorized into interior, exterior and engine and engine-related parts.

When driving your Benz, you must have noted that when you change the gear, it takes a short time for your car to accelerate and move at to speed. This is enabled by the Sprint Booster which, through its functionality, enables your car to respond faster to gear change thus, less time from gear change to acceleration. There is the air-filter cleaner which wash away any oily dirt therefore keeping the air filters clean all the time and the sealing grease which ensures good air circulation in the engine by sealing tightly all surfaces where filters are conjoined. Apart from the oil filters, the engine has air filters, oil tube seal and the gaskets which provide good management to your engine oil. The effect of this is well lubricated moving parts of the engine which maintains your car in good condition. You’ll not lack the battery and its charger which maintains the battery full plus the battery protection mat which keeps the battery dirt and water free.

The exterior comprises of the body with several attachments to it such as the side mirrors, tail lights and head lights, wiper, convertible tops and luggage racks. The side mirrors act as your eyes on the road while the head and tail lights together with the brake lights provide safety to a greater extent between you and other road users. Wipers and washers keep the windshield clean thus maintain clear vision while you are driving on the road. The roof rack, for your luggage and roof hoists, for the convertible, contributes to the multitasking ability of your vehicle making it a high performer. The high density chassis increases gravitational ground pull and with the combination of sporty tires with chrome rims, they increase the stability of the vehicle on the road so you are good to go.

The main interior parts are the gear lever and the steering wheel. The gear levers are covered in wooden and leather knobs for easy and comfortable handling. Your Benz has some accessories to provide safety and protection; the heat-shield which prevents direct sun rays and the fire extinguisher in case of fire. From the floor mats to the leather seats, you will find all the comfort and safety you need while driving in a Mercedes Benz. Not to forget the air conditioning and audio systems to cool you down or spice you up.