Mitsubishi Parts In ASEAN

All passenger cars and commercial vehicles require replacement parts throughout their lives. Regardless of how expensive or reliable a vehicle is, it needs regular maintenance as well as the chance of crash repairs. Japanese cars both perform well and are also extremely reliable. However, due to the high costs involved in producing Japanese car and truck parts in Japan as well as transporting them around the world, many are made near, but not in, Japan. A classic example is Mitsubishi car and truck spares made in Thailand.

Thailand is the hub of so many manufacturing and transportation processes, especially replacement spare parts for Japanese cars and trucks. The ultra-high quality engineering standards are adhered to, but with lower costs and easier logistics. While many of the Mitsubishi car parts made in Thailand are transported to dealers and distributors all around the world, the majority are for supply and use in South East Asia. Mitsubishi cars, SUVs and pickup trucks are popular all around the world, but especially popular in the ASEAN region. The new Mirage (2012) is loved for its low purchase price and running costs, the Pajero Sport for its comfort, safety and value, and the Triton pickup for transporting goods and people all around the cities and countryside. The people of Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and the surrounding nations appear to love these kinds of vehicles, along with small sedan cars. The pickups and SUVs are extremely versatile and offer the owners and drivers plenty of options when transporting family or their items.

For auto spare parts Malaysia is one of the biggest consumers of imported Mitsubishi spare parts. The country’s population is large and wealthy enough to buy, own and drive cars around the thousands of roads. However, there is very little or no actual production of Mitsubishi spares within the country. Thus, both franchised genuine and OEM Mitsubishi car parts are transported to Malaysia from Thailand for both retail and wholesale purposes. The land link from Thailand to Peninsula Malaysia makes transportation by road or rail incredibly easy. In addition there are excellent seaport facilities in both nations, with cargo ships not taking long to complete each journey.

Organising the supply of genuine and aftermarket Mitsubishi car and truck parts from Thailand to Malaysia is as simple as locating a reputable parts supplier and placing an order. However, dealing directly with Mitsubishi Thailand is often less suitable, as the prices remain high and there are corporation controls over the sale of genuine Mitsubishi spares in such countries. The best option is to buy genuine parts from a non-franchised supplier who specializes in the chosen brand, for example Mitsubishi.