Review of Brad Weinman’s Attraction Marketing Blueprint

I just finished reading the “Attraction Marketing Blueprint”, and I think this is an outstanding piece to go along with “Magnetic Sponsoring.”

What’s great about this piece is Brad’s story. Before joining a network marketing company he was basically an introvert as an artist. This spoke to me since I myself am an introvert. How he was able to build his organization gives other introverts hope that we all can achieve what he was able to.

Brad goes step by step in how to build an attraction marketing campaign. Although it is the same stuff you may hear (Position yourself as an expert, you need to sell YOU…), what’s unique is that he stresses writing a bio page on yourself in order to sell yourself. He doesn’t say to write about what car you are driving, or that you have a dog with bad breath. Brad says to write about how you will add value to your prospect.

If you are going to mention that you drive a jalopy, you better put a reason why and how that little piece of information is helpful to the prospect. Find your “brand” and market that to the world. In other words, market yourself FIRST before your product or business opportunity.

Brad also teaches you the basics to writing copy, lead capture pages, as well as the importance of creating your list. As all network marketers know, the list is your greatest asset. Brad stresses that this list is neither bought or “harvested”, but grown by you. And the only way to keep the people on your list is to establish a relationship and keep delivering value.

I highly recommend this book to anyone serious in the networking business. What I mean is, that I’d recommend this to someone who is frustrated with their business BUT wants to make their business work. I wouldn’t give this to any tire kickers or anyone with just a “ME” attitude. This ebook is about how you will benefit your prospect, not how your prospect will benefit you. If you’re looking for a overview of how to set up a campaign this is your book. Although this book is detailed to an extext, if you want to get into the details of creating Google AdWords campaigns or site building and whatnot, go with some of the affiliates Brad suggests.

Brad gives you enough “to be dangerous”.