Running a Car Wash Fundraiser Using a Pressure Washer

If you are considering on doing a car wash fundraiser to help raise money for a small non-profit organization, may I suggest that you use a Pressure Washer to wash all the cars? Why? Well because you can wash the cars faster, save water and do a better job.

You see pressure washers put out between 1,000 and 3,000 pounds per square inch and that results in a significant amount of cleaning power. In fact, much of the dirt will be blown right off the cars. As long as you keep the tip away from the car by 12 to 18 inches you will do fine and you can get closer in if you are doing the rims.

Most small pressure washers put out about 1.2 to 4.5 gallons per minute. A garden hose might put out 6.5 to 10 gallons per minute and that is a significant difference. This means less water is used and the pressure washers have a spring loaded shut off nozzle on the trigger gun too. It is everyone’s responsibility to save water these days and we must all pitch in.

Wasting water at a car wash fundraiser doing it the “Wrong Way” does not teach the kids the responsibility of the value of water. Of course we must not forget the importance of quality, because the customers are paying you good money to have their cars washed and using a pressure washer blows the grit off prior to soaping and this will prevent scratches.

There is really no reason not to use a pressure washer at a car wash fundraiser and some parent in your group has a pressure washer for home use or that they use in their small business. So please consider this. Here is a complete free online book to help you: