Snack Healthy Review – A Snack Food MLM?

Snack Healthy is another MLM opportunity of the more than 4,800 multi level marketers online today. Let us look at the products and opportunity offered.

Snack Healthy Inc. founded in autumn of 2010 by acting CEO Katherine West and Scott Kufus with headquarters in Palm Beach Gardens FL. is a marketing subsidiary of Healthient corp.

All of the products in their line are “all-natural” with zero fat and packaged with less than 110 calories per serving. Products shown on website are “colibars” all natural fruit and nut bars, “zing” energy strips, mixed berry fiber bars, “crispy” fruit, lite mini pretzels and all natural lite popcorn.

Snack healthy offers an MLM opportunity by direct sales marketing selling the products retail, wholesale and through a team effort by recruiting other marketers. The compensation plan offers commission of ten to forty percent based on volume of sales and ranking level of team members. The stated rankings are Basic, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, ruby, emerald and diamond. They also offer bonuses of group bonus, team bonus, retention bonus, even stock options and leadership bonuses of travel, cars etc.

For anyone who likes face-to-face or direct sales marketing with extensive travel and experience in this form of marketing this could be a good fit. With all the competition from the giant manufacturers like Frito-Lay for example, it may be a tough to compete. I personally am not fond of this type of MLM. However, if you are a beginner looking for another type of marketing from home with the ability to make 2 to 5k a week, the training, coaching and mentoring are available.