15 Mobile Banking Apps to Manage Your Accounts Better

Banking has never been this convenient, thanks to the invention of smartphones and the internet. These days, you don’t need to head down to your bank’s nearest branch to do your banking. You can just open your mobile banking apps and handle your transactions from there. But the question now is this: which mobile banking app or online banking website is best for you?

Because naturally, you would choose the online banking option from your bank of choice. But not all mobile banking apps are the same. Some provide better user experience while others are struggling to get there. You might even consider opening an account for a bank with a great mobile banking app. So to give you an idea, here’s a list of mobile banking apps in the Philippines.

Mobile Banking vs. Online Banking

mobile banking apps – mobile banking vs online banking

Mobile banking and online

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PUBG Mobile bans 2,376,017 accounts from 18th to 24th September for hacking

PUBG Mobile developers have released the latest report regarding the accounts that have been banned, from 18th September to 24th September, for hacking the game. As per the report released by PUBG Mobile, the developers detected 2,376,017 accounts involved in activities like cheating and griefing, which are against the terms and conditions of the game.

As a result, a permanent ban has been issued to all of the two million-plus accounts. They have also been suspended from accessing the in-game servers.

The official statement of PUBG Mobile reads:

“From 18th September to 24th September, 2,376,017 cheaters were permanently suspended from accessing our game.”

PUBG Mobile ban report from 18th to 24th September

Accounts banned break-up (Image Credits: PUBG Mobile)
Accounts banned break-up (Image Credits: PUBG Mobile)

Delivering fair gameplay to legitimate players has always been the top priority for PUBG Mobile, and the two million-plus accounts mentioned above were suspended due to the following reasons:


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