EPA Administrator says American public “isn’t ready” for California’s ban on new gas cars [Video]

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler spoke with Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous in a special conversation for Concordia’s 2020 Virtual Annual Summit entitled “From Wildfires to Pipelines,” focusing on the state of environmental affairs in the United States. He comments on the new California mandate which calls for no new gas vehicles by 2035.

Video Transcript

ANDREW WHEELER: I don’t think the public is ready for that at this point. You know, under the Obama-Biden cafe standards during their administration, they set their standards that would have called for 50% EVs by 2025. And the data we were looking at over the last couple of years, when we wrote our regulation, our cafe standards show that the American public is just not embracing the electric vehicles to that extent. I don’t know how they get there by 2035.

There’s a lot of questions. I think it’s more aspirational at this point and

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