You can now ‘adopt’ a BART car for $10,000, but they come with lots of rules

The first rule for acquiring your own personal BART car: Come in with the mind-set that you’re really adopting a BART car, not just buying it.

Bay Area Rapid Transit officials last year announced their legacy car plan, allowing outsiders to “extend the lives of decommissioned train cars in creative and innovative ways,” as the transit agency slowly replaces more than 650 outdated cars with the new Bombardier fleet.

But as we get closer to the Jan. 1 formal proposal starting date, it’s clear the transit officials see this less like a financial transaction, and more like finding the right foster home for a beloved family member.

In other words, there are a lot of rules. You can’t leave your BART car at Burning Man. You may not be able to use BART logos on your new car. And you can’t dump it in the ocean to make a reef

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