How to spot fake vehicle ads

Scammers post pictures and descriptions of cars used in other ads, and then ask interested buyers to wire money to hold the vehicle. But the car is non existent.

ST. LOUIS — Its been a tough year for the auto industry and finally it’s getting better.

Vehicle sales are starting to pick up to meet demand. 

The I-Team finds that demand creates the perfect opportunity for scammers to intercept your hard earned cash.

Patricia Zamboni knows her time to see the world is running out. She has Diabetic retinopathy. 

“My eyesight is failing. We just wanted to  take in the sights of the country, before I lost my eyesight completely,” said Zamboni, over Overland. 

Determined to live out her one last dream, Zamboni began looking on craigslist for an RV that she and her husband could travel the country in.

It wasn’t hard to find a deal.

The deal

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Deceptive Car Dealer Ads and Activities – Pervasive As Ever

You hear them on the radio and TV everyday. Some have outrageous ads and sales gimmicks. “Push, pull or drag your trade in for $4000 minimum trade”, “Best price in the world!” “Best bumper to bumper warranty ever – we cover everything.” “Repo’d car sale today.” Bet you didn’t know that these ads can be and usually are very misleading and can be illegal.

According to Leslie Anderson, AAA, Misleading advertisements and deceptive marketing from car dealers has been on the rise in recent years. Car dealers, due to a struggling economy are resorting to grey market sales tactics and ads. Many of these ads are either borderline or even illegal in nature. With all the publicity in recent years of scams and illegal business activities by businesses from every state you would think most states would have toughened up their laws and started to crack down on bad car … Read More

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Mini Ads For Lawyers That Pay Off With Big Results

Here’s my secret weapon I found out about years ago – and I’d like to share it with you.

Legal marketing consultants won’t tell you about these – and most of your competition has never even thought about using one.

Years ago, I stumbled on the notion of running 2X2 inch ads in local papers – targeted at just one tort. These ads are often overlooked, or in some cases unknown as an option, because most legal marketing consultants heavily focus on producing television commercials – not running tiny print ads in the local paper.

Many times, these are also unknown as an option because the print media enthusiastically pushes their real money makers–full page, half page, and double truck ads.

Trust me, if you’re going after one tort – these ads will PAYOFF BIG TIME!

So for example: The headline: Sexual Harassment at Work? – with the copy – … Read More

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