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The rise of electric vehicles

One exception to the trend of falling sales is electric vehicles. Battery electric and plug-in hybrid car sales grew substantially to account for more than one in 10 registrations. Demand for battery electric vehicles almost tripled compared to the previous year.

Data from carwow showed that the Volvo XC40, a hybrid-engine car was the most-sold vehicle on the site in September; the Ford Puma, another hybrid, was the sixth biggest seller.

There are cost-saving benefits to an electric vehicle. Running costs on an electric car are lower, as refueling is cheaper and there is no road tax to pay, which does pay back some of the additional cost over time.

However, the combination of solid demand and fewer cars means discounted electric and hybrid vehicles are harder to find. Lee Griffin of GoCompare, the online comparison site, said that he expected the price of electric

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Taking Advantage of Trends: Cocooning

One of the biggest established trends on the market front today, and still gathering momentum, is cocooning – the desire to perform the majority of social and cultural interactions (working, entertaining, relaxing, etc.) from home, rather than by going outside the home. This trend was strongly reinforced by the 9/11 tragedy, as many people began to review their lives and, sometimes for the first time, consciously decide how they wanted to live them rather than just letting life happen to them and going with the flow.

This poses an obstacle for many businesses who rely on brick and mortar style storefronts and foot traffic, as well as for those in the entertainment industries who rely on people “going out” for a large part of their income. The advent of home theaters, rec-room “bars” or “cafe corners” – sometimes better stocked and appointed than local business versions – and similar cocooning-based … Read More

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