Power Affirmation: "I am Creating the Causes of Wealth Everyday"

Here’s a Power Affirmation you may find useful:

“I am creating the causes of wealth everyday.”

Let’s break this down into the different sections…

“I am creating…” In other words, I can exercise a certain

amount of control over the causes of creating my desired results by consciously

influencing my thoughts and my actions.

“…the causes of wealth…” Success is not an accident.

Wealth is not an accident. It is the result of definite causes. The

causes of wealth in our lives may be the result of circumstances outside of our

control (like winning the lottery, or inheriting a sizeable amount of money).

But those opportunities are generally few and far between. A far better

strategy is to take control of your own destiny by taking positive action.

By consciously studying and implementing the causes of wealth.

What are some of the causes of wealth? Here are just a few:… Read More

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