Special Report: Amy and Ziggy’s Story

(NEWS10) — Animals can have a big impact on our lives. They are our companions, but they can also open up doors in our lives and the world around us. NEWS10’s Anya Tucker shares the story of Amy and Ziggy who are doing exactly that for one another.

Anya: “Do you feel like maybe this was meant to be? That you really saved one another?”
Amy Koo: “I do. I definitely think so. “

To understand what Amy Koo means we have to go back to 2007. She was 16, and on an August night of that year, she climbed into a car with friends and everything ended in a crush of metal.

Amy was left paralyzed.

“You know, I lost a friend in that car also. So it allowed me to be grateful for the things I do have.”

Ziggy, the dog, also knew something about being grateful. The

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