Amazon Is Building the Android Auto Rival Google Never Wanted

But without a doubt, using Android Auto and CarPlay is for most people out there a natural thing to do, as the two come bundled with their phones, and theoretically, simply pairing the mobile devices with the head units should be enough to run them.

Amazon, however, hopes that you’ll soon give a try to Alexa as well as the company has revamped its mobile app for Android and iPhone with a massive update specifically aimed at drivers. It’s more of an alternative to Android Auto for phones, and there’s no doubt that Amazon is already exploring the ways it can bring this experience to the larger screen inside the car.

Alexa now sports a so-called Auto Mode that comprises four different screens, each with a very straightforward role. First of all, it’s the Home Screen, which provides access to frequent actions, shortcuts to play and pause music, navigate

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What it’s like to use Android Auto on a motorcycle


Does a smartphone make a smart bike even better?

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

Over the years, since its introduction in the early 1970s, the Honda Gold Wing has become the unlikely venue for some early motorcycle deployments of novel technologies, everything from airbags to integrated GPS navigation. For a bike often considered to be a bit stodgy, the Wing has been quite progressive on the features side. That continues with the latest model, which was already the first two-wheeled machine to offer Apple CarPlay on its 7-inch LCD. Now it’s opened its doors to the other walled garden of smartphone technology: Android, and Android Auto.

Owners of any current-gen Honda Gold Wing — 2018 or newer — are eligible for a free update that was released this summer. It’s taken a few months, but I’ve finally had a chance to tether my device and see just what it’s like to use

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Fix Google Pixel’s Auto-Brightness Bug and More With the Latest Android Update

Google’s October Android security patch is rolling out today. These regular updates patch OS-level security bugs for all Android devices, but this month’s patch also has a number of bug fixes for Pixel devices running Android 11.

For example, take the Pixel 4a. It’s only been out since August, but owners have reported lagging and inaccurate auto-brightness adjustments when in rooms lit by LEDs and other high-intensity blubs.

Some users have also experienced poor responsiveness when using a screen cover on their device. Installing the October 2020 Security update should alleviate both of these issues, plus several others.

Google’s monthly update also addresses a number of security flaws—including six critical issues related to Qualcomm components—so there’s really no reason to dawdle with your download. That, and Google has patched up enough minor gripes that you’ll want to install the update if you use one of the supported Pixel

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Avast! Boss Audio’s new weatherproof touchscreen brings CarPlay and Android Auto to boats

Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto are meant for, well, cars and automobiles, but despite the emphasis on landlubber locomotion, there’s technically no reason that one couldn’t use them for navigating the high seas. And that’s just what Boss Audio’s new aftermarket MRCP9685A head unit promises: a weatherproof module that offers the ability to use CarPlay and Android Auto not just in regular cars, but in off-road vehicles like Jeeps and even boats.

Installing an aftermarket head unit into a boat isn’t a new concept, but getting a weatherproof one that supports both CarPlay or Android Auto and the rigors of the seafaring life is more difficult. At least one enterprising Reddit user has already tried to jury-rig a similar implementation by installing a standard car unit, noting that CarPlay worked “perfectly,” but that they still had some work to do to make everything water-resistant.

But the MRCP9685A neatly dodges

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The Number One Android Auto Music App Failing with Mysterious Error

Spotify has become the preferred choice for the music listening experience behind the wheel, but like the rest of the apps on Android Auto, it could also come across various issues totally out of the blue.

This is what’s happening right now for some users who turned to Google’s forums to report the whole thing, as Spotify just fails to load and the only thing that it displays is an error which is as generic as it is mysterious because it just points to the obvious.

Spotify doesn’t seem to be working” or “There’s a problem with Spotify” is the message that shows up on the screen, and right now, it’s not really clear what’s causing the problem and how it can be fixed.

Interestingly, while some claim that switching from Android Auto to Bluetooth restores the typical behavior of the app and therefore allows them

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This 6-in-1 Braided Cable Can Power Android Auto, CarPlay, and So Much More

If you’re looking for a high-quality cable to power Android Auto or CarPlay but at the same time also want fast charging speeds, Zeus-X could be the one you’re looking for.

In essence a 6-in-1 braided cable that comes with detachable heads, Zeus-X is based on a previous model that was already launched by the same company, only that this time the focus is on upgraded specs.

So for example, not only that this cable can charge most of your devices, but it also offers 18W charging speed for Apple devices and Quick Charge 3.0 support.

With 60W power delivery, it can also be used for laptops, including the MacBook and Dell’s XPS 13. According to the specs shared by the parent company, it can recharge an iPhone from a completely depleted battery to 50 percent in just 30 minutes.

The cable offers three different charging interfaces, namely Lightning, USB-C,

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Google Maps is testing Android Auto-like “car mode” interface for mobile app

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Google Maps might get a major makeover soon. A future update for the Google Maps mobile application is reported to bring an all-new car mode UI which is very similar to the current in-car navigation system found in Android Auto. 

Folks at Android Police have spotted a car mode interface within the Google Maps mobile application that resembles the Android Auto’s in-car look and feel.  

At the time of writing this article, we did not find the new update on any of our devices yet, but it’s being reported to arrive in a phased manner sometime later as Google is testing this feature on some with some of the users.

What’s new in

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Google Maps Gets Dedicated Car UI. Much Like That Of Android Auto

Google Maps is set to receive an in car navigation UI very similar to that of Android Auto. As reported by Android Police, this is the first time we will see dedicated Android Auto-style buttons and home screen on Google Maps.

This comes as Google Maps began introducing its worldwide COVID layer. This was designed to provide users with local and national statistics on the virus.

The app has also worked on its ability to predict traffic patterns to provide better ETAs over recent weeks. The new update sees the app using Google’s DeepMind AI to better understand and predict traffic patterns.

Google Maps has previously had music playback controls show up in navigation before. However, this is a new step for Google Maps its self to have an in car UI.

ap resize

Google maps ready to receive in car UI

As the above screenshots show, the interface looks much like

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One More Android Auto Feature Broken Down After the Latest Android Update

With Android 11 finally available for the first devices, it goes without saying that many people rush to install it, especially because it brings lots of improvements on so many fronts.

But on the other hand, as far as Android Auto users are concerned, updating their devices to Android Auto seems to be a Russian roulette, as they could end up losing essential functionality in their cars.

First of all, it’s the Calendar app that goes missing all of a sudden for some. Google has already confirmed that this only happens on devices not running Android Auto 5.6, so the workaround here is to just update to this latest version of the app.

Then, it’s the music playback cutting off in all players, including Spotify and YouTube Music. An official fix here doesn’t exist, but some say that disabling the wireless mode of Android Auto does the trick.

And now,

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Google Confirms Essential Android Auto Feature Could Disappear on Android 11

Android 11 is now available for download, and this is good news not only for mobile users but also for those who turn to Android Auto for an upgraded experience behind the wheel.

And it’s all because Android 11 unlocks the Android Auto wireless mode for everybody, which means that you no longer have to own a Samsung or Google phone to use it. The only requirement now is a compatible head unit and a smartphone running Android 11.

Shortly after the Android 11 rollout kicked off, some Android Auto users noticed that the Calendar app, which Google announced with much fanfare last month, was no longer there when the new operating system was installed on their devices.

While nobody could tell why this happened, Google quickly started an investigation, and the company circled back a few hours ago to provide Android Auto users with more information and an easy

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