What Happens When Your AI Autonomous Car Gets Bored Anticipating Your Next Excursion?

In the future there is no doubt that we will have autonomous vehicles, cars that drive themselves, not only cars but buses, trucks, and perhaps even motorcycles. We already have trains, and aircraft which fly themselves, this will only become more common in those realms. Still, for autonomous vehicles to really do all that we perceive they will in the future, they will have to have more artificial intelligence, faster processing computers, and all of that will need to update itself from the cloud several times a day.

Of course, with all that information these computers will become self-actualized, they will feel as if they have a mind of their own, and much like the Internet they will appear to be thinking, adapting, and changing to the conditions in the real world in real time, even if most of their components were originally created for a virtual or augmented world. … Read More

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