Mystery of the Cemetery (Augsburg, Germany, l970((in English and Spanish))

Mystery of the Cemetery

(Augsburg, Germany, 1970: dedicated to Sarah)

–Our mouths met, in a long, loving kiss. It was sunrise–, the time I figured she’d tell me about the mystery of why she walked through the Cemetery all the time. Her name was Sarah McCarthy, or so she said her name was.

She had taken the dirt path into the old cemetery to meet me, we walked through the cemetery leaving the footpath behind us, walking now on the tall grass, it was quieter she said.

“I love you very much Ted!” the statement came quickly to my ears, filling me with joy:

“I love you, my husband! Always think of me!”

–I rested well, this night. I had gone to bed early after Sarah left for her house and me to my apartment. I got up at daybreak and after my morning push-ups, and coffee, rode off on … Read More

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