the Austin Metro at 40

History hasn’t been particularly kind to the Austin Metro, although this was the most critical British Leyland products of its era. Not least, it provided the transport for Margaret Thatcher to the 1980 International Motor Show in Brimingham, where it proved both a stellar attraction and the harbinger of a happier future for Leyland.

The name Metro was chosen from a ballot of the factory workers, and the early versions bore the ‘Mini’ prefix; partially through an agreement with Metro-Cammell but also to evoke an association with the classic Alec Issigonis design. 

Management informed the Launch Planning and Special Events team of the Austin-Morris division that the Metro was to be its direct replacement. In reality, the 1959 vehicle that virtually redefined mass-motoring would be sold until 2000 – alongside the car it was supposed to replace.

 BL let it be known that the development costs of its new hatchback

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Test Drive column: 2020 BMW 840i Convertible – Business – Austin American-Statesman

Entry price: $97,400
Price as tested: $117,845

It’s been an interesting month when it comes to my Test Drive schedule with several high-end luxury and performance cars ending up in my driveway. This week is no different as we explore all that’s good about this week’s test drive, namely the 2020 BMW 8-Series. Delivered in convertible dress and featuring a special paint scheme, our 840i turned heads the moment it arrived.

First introduced in 1990 and lasting until the 1999 model year as a coupe only, the 8-Series was BMW’s flagship model in the luxury performance market and available only as a two-door coupe. After being dormant for 20 years, BMW brought back the 8-Series “second generation” in 2018 in coupe, convertible and four-door grand coupe trims. The new 840i is joined by two siblings, the M850i (coupe starts at $111,900) and M8 (convertible starts at $142,500). These latter two

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After brutal spring, Austin auto dealers see reasons for optimism – Business – Austin American-Statesman

After a brutal spring, Central Texas auto dealers are feeling optimistic as inventories are starting to bounce back and shoppers are returning to showrooms.

Dealerships were deemed essential businesses during the Texas lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic and were never forced to close.

But they had many factors working against them, the biggest being that automakers shut down for months. That trickled down to dealerships who found themselves with a shortage of vehicles on their lots.

Not that a lot of people were out car shopping anyway.

“There were definitely some days of uncertainty,” said Nyle Maxwell, owner of the Nyle Maxwell Family of Dealerships. “In June we had not received any shipments in two or three months.”

But with auto assembly plants ramping back up and buyers returning to dealerships — now wearing masks and using hand sanitizing stations — business is recovering, Maxwell said.

His company, which hasn’t

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Keep Austin Weird Texas Travel

Let’s face it, there are a lot of cities in the US, so for Austin to consistently rate as one of the best to live in, it has to have something the others don’t.

Austin has always been a popular city being the capital, but people are moving there in bucket loads as more and more reports surface of it being the best city in which to live, work and play.

Technically, Austin is full of students, politicians, lobbyists and business people but Austin also prides itself on its live music and entertainment, which helps to counter balance all the other boring people. They go so far as even calling themselves ‘the live music capital of the world’. Those are some pretty big boots don’t you think?

With due credit though, Austin has become a fighting ground for the minorities, the quirky and the eccentric. The slogan ‘Keep Austin Weird’ … Read More

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