How to Auto-Archive Emails in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email solution among businesses and enterprises. When it comes to consumers, Outlook lags behind Gmail. The default Outlook mail comes with 15GB of space to fill with. With the amount of marketing or banking promotions and other junk material we get, it’s quite easy to lose those important emails from your sight. You can avoid the situation by archiving less necessary emails and deleting the promotional and junk mails.

Auto archive in outlook

If your Outlook Inbox feels slow or acts up weirdly, then you need to archive or delete irrelevant emails. The manual email archiving can be a time-consuming and tiring process.

Microsoft does offer a Focused Inbox function, but it’s limited to filtering out relevant emails for the user. Another useful addition is Outlook Rules. It’s Outlook’s version of IFTTT. With Rules, one can create multiple automation to move certain emails to archive or delete the

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