1931 Pierce Arrow touring car rebuilt into award winner | Community

Ron Blissit restores other people’s automobiles, but he won’t do it for just anyone. The owners have to understand cars and preferably not be an attorney-at-law. One of Blissit’s latest completed projects is a 1931 Pierce Arrow touring car.

The automobile was brought to his Norman shop by San Antonio patent lawyer Ted Lee. He had to convince Blissit that he wasn’t an ambulance chaser and worked only in intellectual property rights. Now, the pair are friends. Not only that, they co-own the Pierce Arrow with an unusual possession pact.

“The car is part mine now,” Blissit said. “We came to an agreement that if I would restore the car, when it was finished, he would leave it with me. If he died first, it was my car, and if I died first, he’d come and get it.”

Lee had acquired the Pierce Arrow, along with some other vintage cars,

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