In Conversation With: Gilad Bandel, Arilou Automotive Cyber-Security

iTWire: Let’s start by having you describe the contribution your company, Arilou Technologies, is making to automotive cyber security. 

Bandel: Arilou has been a pioneer in the automotive cybersecurity field for over ten years. The idea behind the company’s technologies and solutions were developed in 2010 when the Arilou’s founders, two veterans of an elite cybersecurity unit in the Israeli Defense Forces, completed research and demonstrated possible attack scenarios on vehicles. The company itself was registered in 2012 and then acquired in 2016 by NNG, a larger Europe-based provider of automotive software, specifically navigation. Over time, we have raised awareness to the cyber- threats in automotive security and have developed solutions to provide protection against those threats.

iTWire: So, with that in mind, where does Arilou see its major strengths?

Bandel: The feedback we get from our technology and channel partners as well as our customers

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