15 Mobile Banking Apps to Manage Your Accounts Better

Banking has never been this convenient, thanks to the invention of smartphones and the internet. These days, you don’t need to head down to your bank’s nearest branch to do your banking. You can just open your mobile banking apps and handle your transactions from there. But the question now is this: which mobile banking app or online banking website is best for you?

Because naturally, you would choose the online banking option from your bank of choice. But not all mobile banking apps are the same. Some provide better user experience while others are struggling to get there. You might even consider opening an account for a bank with a great mobile banking app. So to give you an idea, here’s a list of mobile banking apps in the Philippines.

Mobile Banking vs. Online Banking

mobile banking apps – mobile banking vs online banking

Mobile banking and online

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Book Summary: Becoming Your Own Banker – Unlock the Infinite Banking Concept – By R Nelson Nash

This book is not about getting rich quick. It talks about emulating the entities that contain all the wealth – “Banks”. This is a big deal because you can leverage tax deferred growth, pay interest to yourself, leverage tax write-offs and see the power of compounded growth over time. This strategy is very powerful and is how the rich preserve wealth through the generations. I am a big believer in Financial Education and this book will help you in that endeavor. As always, I am not a financial planner and always recommend you do your own research. This summary is designed to help you with that research.

Why is this important to me?

This may not be important to you but in my opinion, it should be. Most people work their asses off to make money and then do nothing to preserve it and build upon it. Remember that your … Read More

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