World record for Banksy at Auckland art auction

A Banksy artwork set a world record last night at an Auckland auction, fetching a whopping $126,000 – twice what is was predicted to reach.

The work, Have A Nice Day, was expected to fetch $60,000 at a sale of collectable art at the International Art Centre, in Parnell.

To the auction house’s delight, a bout of spirited bidding saw the buyer, an unidentified New Zealander, shell out $126,000 for the military-themed work which was created nearly 20 years ago.

The sale price was the most ever paid for a print of Have A Nice Day, of which there was a limited issue of authentic copies.

While better known for his street art around London, the screen print is one of a limited edition of 500, and one of the first Banksy pieces released to the public in 2003.

It was accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Pest Control,

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