Edmunds: Car value myths, busted owner bargain value value myths

You’ve probably heard over the years a number of tips or myths regarding the value of your car. They might involve how quickly a new vehicle depreciates, for instance, or the biggest factor that influences the value of your used vehicle. But are they true, especially this year because of new pandemic-related market trends? Edmunds’ experts analyzed the most popular car value myths to find the truth behind them.


True. “The first hit on the car is basically immediate,” said Richard Arca, director of vehicle valuations and analytics for Edmunds.

If you traded in your vehicle within a week or so, you’re losing the sales tax and fees you paid on the car — about 11%. Plus, the dealership will offer you less since the car is no longer new and it needs to make a profit on

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A Strategy for Buying Elite Businesses at Bargain Prices

Even elite businesses with juicy dividends suffer share price selloffs from time to time.


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Sometimes, these selloffs are caused by short-term, solvable problems within the individual companies.

Sometimes, these selloffs are caused because the overall stock market goes down in value.

These selloffs are almost always opportunities to buy these firms at bargain prices and start collecting steady dividend payments.

When you spend money on any big purchase, like a home or a car, you want to pay a good price. You want to get value for your dollar.

When you buy a car, you want to pay a good price. When you buy a house, you want to pay a good price. You don’t want to overpay. You don’t want to embarrass yourself by getting ripped off.

Yet… when people invest, the idea of paying a good price is often cast aside.

They get excited about a

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Best Amazon Prime Day 2020 deals: Business Bargain Hunter’s top picks

Amazon’s annual Prime Day sale event can feel super overwhelming. 

Also: Prime Day: How and when to find the best deals

There are over 80,000 items on sale this year. Some are legitimate, while others should be ignored. So, to help you get the most out of Prime Day, which is exclusive to Amazon Prime subscribers, ZDNet is rounding up only the best deals. In this guide, we’ve selected items that professionals, remote workers, and commuters might find interesting.

We’ll regularly update this guide over Oct. 13 and Oct. 14 with deals as we find them. If you’d like to find more consumer-focused deals, as well as some tips and tricks, check out our Prime Day hub, where we’ll provide you with plenty of resources so that you can master Amazon’s 48-hour blowout sale. Hopefully, with our help, you won’t miss a deal.

Best Amazon Prime Day 2020 tech deals

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1970 Dodge Charger 500 Project Car Barn Find Sells For Bargain

⚡️ Read the full article on Motorious

This car needs a lot of work, but are you surprised that it only sold for $12,500?

Putting a value on a car that needs this much work is near impossible, but this Charger was recently sold on eBay for only $12,500, which has us scratching our heads a little. Although, this is a little reporting in reverse, the car runs, and you’d think that would be enough to boost the price of this Dodge Charger 500, a bit. Now, we’re somewhat wondering if the used car boom is leading people to back off of project cars right now, or maybe it’s a shortage of raw materials to make car parts needed to restore it?

We strongly stand by the idea that a collector car/vintage/classic, what have you, is worth exactly as much as someone will pay for it, but this seems like

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Review: Oppo’s Reno4 Pro 5G is a good-looking powerhouse of a phone but not exactly a bargain

Are our future top brand smartphones Chinese instead of Korean or American? This week will see the launch of the iPhone 12, expected to sell by the ton-load.

ut elsewhere, Samsung is static in its market share while Huawei — number three in Ireland and number one globally — is now set to struggle with its Google ban.

So it’s an interesting time for Oppo, a longstanding top Chinese brand, to enter the Irish market. Oppo has launched here with two very interesting propositions.

While I haven’t had a chance to look at the very competitively-priced 5G-enabled Reno4 Z (€379), I have had some time with the Reno4 Pro. Yes, it sounds like a 1980s car. But there’s little else that’s vintage about this powerhouse. While I think it could have been a knockout at around €50-€100 less (because right now it’s a little more expensive than Samsung’s excellent S20

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Ex-PhilRice official escapes prison sentence, pays P15,000 fine after plea bargain

Ex-PhilRice official escapes prison sentence, pays P15,000 fine after plea bargain

Former Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) Executive Director Ronilo Beronio was ordered by the Sandiganbayan Sixth Division to pay a fine of P15,000 after he pleaded guilty to the lesser offense of breach of conduct instead of graft.

Beronio was re-arraigned on October 2, and he pleaded guilty to three counts of violation of Section 7(a) of R.A. 6713 or the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards. He was sentenced to pay a fine of P5,000 for each of the charges, or a total of P15,000.

He was initially slapped with three counts of violation of Section 3(e) of R.A. 3019 or the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act for entering into car loan contracts that were grossly disadvantageous to the government.

Beronio, one of

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Flawless 102-carat diamond a ‘bargain’ at $16m

A rare 102-carat white diamond has sold at auction for $15.7m (£12.1m) in what experts say is a “bargain”.

The gemstone went to an unnamed telephone bidder. The auction was held online by Sotheby’s in Hong Kong due to the pandemic.

The diamond was taken from a 271-carat stone which was discovered at a Canadian mine in 2018.

Only seven other diamonds larger than 100 carats and of the same quality have gone under the hammer.

The stone did not have a reserve price – a minimum price that the seller is willing to accept for an item.

It is the first time in history that a diamond has sold at auction this way.

Sotheby’s described the diamond as “flawless” and said it was “difficult to overstate its rarity and beauty”.

Tobias Kormind, managing director of online jeweller 77 Diamonds, said the buyer had “bagged a bargain”.

He said that

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At $19,999, Could This 2009 BMW M5 Be The Ultimate Bargain Machine?

Nice Price Or No DiceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

With the E60 edition, BMW created the ultimate M5, or at least the one with the ultimate cylinder count to date. Today’s Nice Price or No Dice M5 is a manual-shift example and has some very expensive engine work already under its belt. Let’s see if it’s priced to ultimately be a good deal.

Do you like those James Bond and “Mission Impossible” kind of movies? You know, the sort where the ultimate, edge-of-your-seat action almost always sees the hero having to overcome some seemingly insurmountable obstacles to defuse a bomb or something, succeeding at the very last second?

If so, then you also may very well have liked yesterday’s 1997 Porsche Boxster. That 986 had an engine, along with some other parts, out of its bigger brother the 996 generation 911. Unfortunately, the 996’s

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Car shoppers set sights on bargain 2020s, tantalizing 2021s

Labor Day may signal the end of summer, but for auto dealers, this weekend (and beyond) can be anything but a holiday. With many 2021 models on the way (or already here), dealers want to reduce inventories of 2020s. Now could be the chance for savvy shoppers to save thousands of dollars.

For instance, Consumer Reports put together a list of 10 vehicles that it says may be scooped up at $2,000 to $6,000 below MSRP. The editors’ picks include the Nissan Altima, Sentra and Rogue, Kia’s Forte, Sorento, Sportage and Soul, as well as the Hyundai Elantra, Santa Fe and Veloster. Keep in mind that although there are certainly other makes and models that can be had at steep discounts, all 10 on Consumer Reports’ list earned a “recommended” rating.

But these days, consumers often covet trucks. In 2019, the three best-selling vehicles in the U.S. were

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Look Past Tesla, Ride the EV Wave With These 3 Bargain Stocks

Tesla’s TSLA much-anticipated Battery Day did not live up to the hype of investors. While Musk announced a series of vertical integration improvements and technological advancements, the fact that the company’s ambitious battery designs won’t make it to production for another couple of years did not go down quite well with shareholders. The stock lost 5.6% ahead of the flashy event as its CEO Elon Musk’s tweets might have dampened the sky-high expectations of investors. With no major surprises, the event did nothing to boost Tesla’s share price, which fell around 9% during the week.

Dissecting the Battery Day: Was it Really a Let-down?

Let’s see what exactly went wrong.

Well for starters, for an event billed as “Battery Day”, no sample battery was shown. This was kind of disappointing and left people somewhat dubious of how close/far the company was from achieving its targets. While there were big talks

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