Blending With Aloha Spirit

I arrived in Honolulu after 12 hours flight and a stop of 12 hours in Seoul where I was a temporary guest at the Hyatt Regency in the outskirts of Seoul; had a Korean ‘Nouvelle Cuisine’ Lounge style buffet lunch in a rather minimalist environment surrounded by glass and icy cold breeze where the steam of hot noodle soups looked like warmth from heaven. The arrival at Honolulu airport was quite different and the connection with the Pacific Ocean breeze immediately captured my attention, as did the Polynesian smiles and the rhythm of life. After the encounter with the engineer who build houses on the Moon and Mars I quickly realized I was going to be away from pollution, far away from the closest mainland, away from duality: the Islands of Hawaii are a bounty-full experience of beauty, oneness with the Universe codes of respect for nature, the unseen, the … Read More

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