BMax Y11 convertible 11.6-inch laptop review

In a surprising twist, we received the BMax Y11, a convertible laptop that sports an 11.6-inch touchscreen display. We say surprising as it is not the first time we’ve seen the exact chassis; indeed, we saw the Teclast TBook F5 in January 2019 and the Jumper EZBook X1 from December 2018 sporting an identical design, down to the location of the ports and buttons.


Where to buy

Banggood sells the BMax Y11 for $285.99 at the time of writing with the code BGBmax002. Note that, while this price includes delivery, it is exclusive of any taxes that may be levied by the relevant authorities or the courier companies on behalf of the vendor. 

This laptop was provided by online Chinese retailer Banggood and customers can grab the BMax Y11 for $285.99 using the code, BGBmax002. That’s a not-so-insignificant discount of $24. 

Lid Closed

(Image credit: Future)


It is likely

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