Lawsuit claims local auto dealer’s lie led to catastrophic brain damage

A Tarrant County family is suing Don Davis Auto Group alleging dishonest sale of a Toyota Tundra that, according to the lawsuit, led to the catastrophic brain damage of a Hurst man.

A spokesperson for the auto group did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

The lawsuit, which seeks $70 million, claims that plaintiff Daniel Todd Arnold was left with brain damage when his wife was driving and got into a minor single-car accident in September 2017.

The roof of the car, which the lawsuit claims Arnold was told by a salesman was made out of “super steel,” folded back like a “cheap tomato can” and damaged his brain, the suit claims.

The lawsuit calls him incapacitated.

Arnold was in the front passenger seat. His daughter and a friend were in the back seat, according to the lawsuit, and were not injured. Arnold’s wife sustained minor injuries.


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Helping the Brain Injured Auto Accident Victim Deal With the Skeptical Insurance Company

The fact is that brain injured victims of auto accidents are often undetected at the emergency room thus creating insurance company obstacles to getting adequate compensation. I recently received a call from a women that was rear ended, at a high rate of speed in a car accident and thrust into the car in front of her. In other words, a double impact. The mechanics of the accident are obvious, her head went forward and backward violently 2 times.

At the emergency room she had a headache, but denied unconsciousness even though she did not remember some of the accident. Of course, a CAT scan of the brain showed no acute intracranial problems. So, she was released with a possible mild brain injury. For some reason, she decided to go to a chiropractor for the headaches and she returned to work. Work turned out be a disaster for her. She … Read More

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