Worldwide Electric Vehicle Motor Industry to 2024 – Featuring Continental, Tesla & BYD Auto Among Others

The “Technology Landscape, Trends and Opportunities in the Global Electric Vehicle Motor Market” report has been added to’s offering.

The technologies in electric vehicle motor have undergone significant change in recent years, with brushed DC motors to brushless DC motors. The rising wave of new technologies, such as torque accuracy, and robust limp-homes are creating significant potential for electric vehicle motor in various vehicle platforms due to their reversibility, and reduction in noise pollution properties.

In this market, various technologies, such as weakening control, torque accuracy, and robust limp-home are used in the battery electric vehicle, hybrid electric vehicle, and plug in hybrid electric vehicle applications. Increasing demand for improving the driving range of electric vehicles, and stringent government regulations regarding vehicular emission are creating new opportunities for various electric vehicle motor technologies.

This report analyzes technology maturity, degree of disruption, competitive intensity, market potential, and other parameters of

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Well-Diversified BYD Auto A Sound Long-Term Investment (OTCMKTS:BYDDF)

BYD Auto (OTCPK:BYDDF) has tremendous integral strengths through its vertical integration platform. This gives it certain similarities with Tesla (TSLA). In fact, its vertical integration is much deeper and broader than that of Tesla. Its potential has been underestimated by the markets because of short-term factors such as COVID-19 and trade conflicts with the USA.

In February this year, I wrote an article recommending readers to buy the stock, while it was still undervalued. The 6-month stock chart below shows this was sound advice:

Source: Charles Schwab

BYD Auto is a well-established company. It has a wide range of successful divisions. These can take advantage of the renewables future opening up away from the old fossil fuel paradigm. BYD can be seen as a precursor of how China may well dominate much of the future of transport as the world switches from a fossil fuel past to a renewables future.

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