Dodge Journey – Challenging the Stereotype

As far as I was concerned, American cars never fail to disappoint when applied to the British highways. The propensity for bulky, uneconomical Goliaths, designed solely it would seem to intimidate other road users, leaves this driver a little cold. In these, the eco-conscious noughties, vehicles are hailed for excellent MPG ratings, low carbon emissions and for keeping things small. Adversely, the American vehicles that have made it to these shores are often derided for their big-time sensibilities; all gargantuan, 0.6 Miles to the gallon, petrol-glugging, fume-wafting behemoths that fail to appeal to the more delicate British constitution.

With this in mind, I could barely muster a gnat’s whisper of excitement when told I was to be testing the new Dodge Journey. Without ever seeing a picture or footage of this vehicle, I had automatically painted a visual image of how it would look in my mind. It would be … Read More

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