Bouncy house inventor made children laugh, will now do the same for car collectors

Every time a child has jumped for joy over the past few years, a little more jingle went into the pocket of bouncy house inventor Bob Regehr. And that money, in turn, went into his car collection, which is now headed for auction.

The bounty from the bouncy house, aka the Moon Walk, that Regehr invented in 1968 provided a financial boost as he amassed a collection of what at one time was 226 cars and a whole lot of parts. Up until then, he ran a filling station and would spot the cars in town he liked, eventually buying them off his customers.

Randy Lorentzen’s tale of putting Regehr’s compulsion into some semblance of order is a fascinating read published in a 2009 issue of Hot Rod magazine. He also offers details on some of the vehicles that will cross the auction block now that Bob Regehr’s gone.

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Teddy Cops program encourages Katy ISD special needs children

Police officers can be intimidating to special needs children, so Luis Santiago, Katy Independent School District police officer, is changing that, one teddy bear at a time.

In a surprise Teddy Cop visit to a classroom at Wolman Elementary on Thursday, October 8, Santiago presented students with teddy bears that wore blue police uniforms. The Teddy Cop program began in 2015. Since then, Santiago has distributed more than 2,100 bears. He said police uniforms can scare children, and working to get past that fear is important. He took a knee as he handed out the bears and explained that police officers are friends.

“If we can teach them not to be afraid of the person in the uniform, we just made their life easier and made the officer’s life easier because now we’re learning about autism, how to interact with children with autism, how to communicate,” Santiago said.

He explained

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Cheer Your Growing Children By These Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas At Home

When life is a party!

One of the best memories from your childhood is created on yours or your friend’s birthday party. Remember when you used to dress as your favorite cartoon character and go to someone’s house and pretend to have those super powers and try to scare away everyone? Remember when you used to dress as one of the fairy tale princesses and try to move make a change in this world with your magic spells. Well, no one can take away these beautiful memories from you and nothing in this world can match the experience and happiness you shared on these birthday parties while you were growing old. Do you want to give your child the same experience, the same joy you discovered in those little treasure hunt games? If yes, then we want to help you with your kids at home.

Inexpensive birthday party ideas

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