From boys to men: Tomy’s Choro-Q toy cars stay the distance : The Asahi Shimbun

A boy growing up in Japan in 1980s would have been tickled pink to get his hands on a Choro-Q toy car, also known as Penny Racers.

The magic was in revving the rear wheels backward to wind up a spring, which propelled the toy forward at dizzying speed when released.

Many of those boys, now middle-aged men, must have become misty-eyed at the thought that Sept. 9 marked the 40th anniversary of Choro-Q toy cars making their debut.

Mainstay Choro-Q products are now targeted at grown-ups, according to the manufacturer.

Choro-Q is the name of a line of minicars released in 1980 by Takara Co., a major toymaker that was later merged with Tomy Co.

Of the 3,000 Choro-Q models marketed to date, more than 150 million units have been sold, A Tomy representative said.

The prototype was born in 1979. The series was called the “Mame Dash” when

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