Fiat Chrysler and GM’s 3Q auto sales fall from last year, but demand improves from depths of coronavirus lockdowns

  • Fiat Chrysler reported its U.S. auto sales for the third quarter were down 10% from a year ago.
  • Industry forecasters expect domestic U.S. auto sales to be down between 11% and 13% from the third quarter of 2019. 
  • Despite the decline, the market is showing improvement from the second quarter of this year, which was devastated by the coronavirus pandemic. 

a car parked in a parking lot: The Key Auto Mall car dealership in Moline, Illinois.

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The Key Auto Mall car dealership in Moline, Illinois.

Fiat Chrysler and General Motor’s auto sales fell in the third quarter, but both automakers saw a significant rebound in demand from the second quarter when the pandemic wreaked havoc on the industry.


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Fiat Chrysler’s sales fell 10% from a year ago, but they jumped 38% from the second to third quarter with 140,265 more vehicles sold from July through September than the previous three months. GM said its sales during the third quarter declined

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Here’s Everything I Fixed To Prep My 250,000-Mile Diesel Manual Chrysler Minivan For Germany’s Rigorous Inspection

Illustration for article titled Heres Everything I Fixed To Prep My 250,000-Mile Diesel Manual Chrysler Minivan For Germanys Rigorous Inspection

Photo: David Tracy

I’ve been wrenching for over a month on my Graz, Austria-built 1994 Chrysler Voyager (diesel, manual!), preparing it for Germany’s notoriously tough “TÜV” safety and emissions inspection. Here’s every single thing I fixed to give myself the best chance of passing one of the toughest mandatory vehicle inspections on earth.

It’s been over two weeks since I’ve given an update on Project Krassler, a diesel manual Chrysler Voyager designed in the U.S., built in Austria, and sold in Italy before making its way to Germany. I bought it sight unseen for $600. My vision when I initially asked my Nürnberg-based friend Andreas to purchase the van on my behalf — far from my Michigan home — was to fix the machine, somehow get it past Germany’s vehicle inspection, turn it into a mobile apartment, and then live in the van as I road-trip through

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Are Mopar Parts Are the Best Choice For All Chrysler Vehicles?

Mopar Parts Are The Best Choice For All Chrysler Vehicles

When it comes to replacement automotive parts, Mopar parts are the most sought after for use in Chrysler vehicles. Mopar, an acronym for motor parts, is the official parts and service division of the Daimler-Chrysler Corporation. Mopar is a name and that is known for precision fit and quality that Chrysler product honors with to with confidence.

The Mopar concept is about being sure that replacement parts will fit your car just like the original equipment. Since genuine Mopar parts are manufactured by the same people who engineered and built the original vehicle, car owners can be sure the parts will perform with reliability.

The Mopar name was first used by Chrysler over eighty years ago and has been considered to be synonymous with quality and dependability in terms of both repair and modification. Over time, the term ‘Mopar” was … Read More

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