Red Raspberry Zingers – Twinkie in Sheep’s Clothing

There they sat, on the convenience store shelf. Something I hadn’t eaten since junior high, a twin pack of Red Raspberry Zingers. Yellow sponge cake with a creamy middle coated with coconut and luscious raspberry icing.

But as I bit in, something was wrong. I had not eaten a Red Raspberry Zinger since junior high, since 1989. Not since the Interstate Brands take-over of Dolly Madison Bakeries. Zingers, for quite some time, have been made by Hostess.

I may be griping about one more mega-merger in a corporate society. Across America regional bakers fall in the tightening of corporate supply chains. The sadness of the fall of Dolly Madison and its commercials sponsoring Charlie Brown Holiday Specials; perhaps a more efficient world of today works more efficiently. There is not enough room on grocers’ shelves to stock ump-teen bakers’ goods. There are only so many three foot spaces to go … Read More

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Wholesale Clothing – Know Why Kid’s Clothing is More Profitable Than Other Niches

Before jumping into any kind of business you always need to decide a niche for you. Especially when you are planning to sell the wholesale clothing you must always be in line with the fashion as well as the demand of the market.

It is a well known fact that women tend to spend more than the men folk in terms of clothing and fashion apparels. Since, men are more interested in buying gadgets, technology equipments, cars etc, so it is not a better idea to try your hands in men’s clothing. But have you ever believed that the children clothing can be much more profitable than the other niches. Reason being, children tend to out grow their clothes very fast so they are always in a need of more. Even parents are too bound to get their kids what they really yearn for. But your target is not the … Read More

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