The Death of "RG" Coaxial Cable and the Rise of the Times Microwave Standard

It’s important not to confuse coaxial cables made to current Military Specifications (M17/75 or Mil Spec) with those now simply labeled as “RG”. In order to regulate and develop specifications for coaxial cable used during WWII the Government adopted a series of cable designations taken from the Radio Guide and know as “RG” to define coaxial cable type, size and construction. Unlike current Mil Spec coax which must meet tough specific criteria, RG coax made today meets only the standards of the company producing it. While all RG cables of a certain name may be the same size, RG does not define construction standards of even materials in many cases. In the Ham and Amateur Radio world RG continues to be used mainly to define cable size and type due to the years it was an accepted standard. These types of coax cable were once all listed in the MIL-HDBK-216 … Read More

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