Rare gold coin of Md Ghori up for auction in London

An extremely rare early 13th-century Islamic coin bearing the sole name of one of the forerunners of Muslim rule in India – Sultan Mu’izz al-Din Muhammad – is going under the hammer in London on October 22 and is estimated to fetch between £2,00,000 and £3,00,000 (Rs 1.89 crore and Rs 2.84 crore.)
The pure gold coin was issued by Sultan Mu’izz al-Din Muhammad, also called Muhammad Ghori.
The large coin from the Ghorid dynasty will come under the hammer of specialist auctioneers Morton and Eden.
Mu’izz al-Din Muhammad was born in Ghor, now the heart of present-day Afghanistan.
Together with his elder brother, Ghiyath al-Din Muhammad, they created a vast Ghorid empire stretching from northern India in the east to the margins of the Caspian Sea in the west.
It is Mu’izz al-Din’s successful campaigns in India for which he is most well-known today.
As swathes of Indian territories
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