Rolls-Royce Ghost review: Without doubt one of the most comfortable cars ever – Colin Goodwin

Nearly fell at the first fence with this week’s road test. Our subject under the magnifying glass is the new Rolls-Royce Ghost – the less opulent and extravagant member of the range.

My colossal near blunder was to have almost come out with the ridiculous statement that this Rolls is a bit of a bargain (albeit with the caveat that it’s reasonably priced when compared to a supercar like a McLaren or Ferrari).

Trouble is I hadn’t thoroughly read the specification sheet for our test car. The list price for the Ghost is £208,000 – then I spotted the options list which adds a staggering £83,000 to the total. But the real shocker is that this doesn’t include local taxes, so we’re now up to about £360k.

Er… some entry-level model.

But with the sordid business of money behind us, let’s have a look at this magnificent motor.

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